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Bhutan Unfurling with the Thimphu Festival in Thimphu, Western Bhutan. Led by Senior Bhutanese Guide.

As the premier world class expert of this iconic Buddhist nation. Far Fung Places continues to hold the keys to The Kingdom of Bhutan. We were among the first boutique travel companies to market Bhutan to the outside world more than 20 years ago. Far Fung Places' presents Bhutan to you in a way that makes it possible to understand from an experienced perspective why this is quite possibly the most intriguing destination on earth. We are the exclusive agents for Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd in the USA.


Our most popular Bhutan program unfurls to reveal the country's artistic, spiritual, and ancient traditions, but it also highlights both contemporary and rural society. Renowned lecturers provide provocative talks on Mahayana Buddhism, gross national happiness, and Bhutanese music with a private performance on traditional instruments. You will get a sense of the past with visits to 17th century monasteries and temples, but also discover the rhythms of everyday life through personal encounters with villagers in their homes or farmhouses.

An acclaimed country expert Tshering or Karchung leads you on an unforgettable journey through the country he calls his home.


Both are complimented on our Far Fung Places Trip Advisor® Bhutan page.


The Journey

This departure showcases the Thimphu festival with elaborate dances invoking the deities of Tantric Buddhism. Through the elaborate sacred masked dances, the deities of Tantric Buddhism are invoked, and all misfortunes and even physical ills can be dispelled. Please inquire about our day-to-day itinerary for more details.


The road widening project in Bhutan will most probably be finished before fall 2017; however, for client comfort, Far Fung Places is adding a flight from Bumthang to Paro to avoid having guests drive back to western Bhutan.



October is generally clear with good chances to see the snow-covered mountains, if the weather permits. Evening and early morning temperatures can be in the 50s in the morning, climbing to 60s during the day.



Le Meridien in Thimphu

Zhiwaling in Paro

Kunzhangzhing in Punakha

Jakar Village Lodge in Bumthang


Due to the demand of the festival, our group is limited to 5 rooms. For client comfort, we include the flight from Bumthang back to Paro. Please note these flights can be delayed due to weather or in rare cases, cancel, but November is generally fine weather wise.


Land/Air Cost

Land price: $5120 per person, twin sharing a room. Includes domestic flight from Bumthang to Paro. $1316 single supplement for person having a single room throughout. Includes domestic flight from Bumthang to Paro. Minimum six people for this departure and a maximum of five (5) rooms for this departure.

Plus Druk Airlines: $700-$900 per person, Bangkok to Paro round-trip.



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